Dadèf Quartet / Sonnerie

 Introducing the new album "Sonnerie" of the Dadèf Quartet

 credit : Philippe Grollier

Clip Sonnerie part II

credit : Alem Alquier

Dadèf Quartet follows the musical path of violinist Raphaël Sibertin-Blanc. His music is carried by the wind of freedom of improvised music and the energy of amplified music. At all times it remains intimately connected to the roots of todays world. This plurality abounding and immutable, leads the listener into the deepest roots of traditional oriental and Asian Minor music.

"Labyrinth" was he first album of the Dadèf Quartet with its music traveling from the shores of the Black Sea to the Greek islands, "Sonnerie", the eponymous name of the central piece on their new album, seeks to continue this path. Enriched by drawing again and again from these traditional musics and giving a greater place to the kemençe in the compositions. Purified by a touch of minimalist music, the repetitive melodies and rythms take the listener on a journey to the fertile land of freed musical imagiantion from wich you don’t wish to return.

Dadèf Quartet brings together the great complicity of the double bass and the drums formed by Guillaume Gendre and Carsten Weinmann, the warmth of Simon Charrier's clarinet sound and Raphaël Sibertin-Blanc's violin and kemençe, a stringed instrument that has remained unchanged for a millennium.

Our Album

Raphaël Sibertin-Blanc : violin, klasik kemençe, compositions
Simon Charrier : clarinet
Guillaume Gendre : bass
Carsten Weinmann : drums

credit : Philippe Grollier

 "I have been working for some time now on traditional music from Asia Minor, but I am first of all a jazz musician.

The idea was to start from this very rich material, the different melodic and rhythmical modes. I use  and transform them in my personal way, i take them as a starting point  and as the musical guidline from wich the musicians can work from. . As an example we could point out the question and answers between the melodic voices (Kemençe/Violin - Clarinette ) and the different rhythmical claves and themes wich are continuesly being reversed and transformed along the way...

Finally I leave a large place for improvisation and the unexpected, wich is a great source of attention and complicity between the musicians.

One of the most important things for us is to create our overall sound that is both very harmonious and at the same time personal and unique."

 R. Sibertin-Blanc 

Festival "Jazz sur son 31", 2017, credit  F.Rigal

                Press releases on our first album "Labyrinth" :

Citizen Jazz : "Dadèf Quartet is comfortable in many musical traditions. The music is never locked up in  any of them for long... It's a musical journey...
                         "a shared and communicating enthusiasm."

Jazz à Babord :  "Dadèf offers us a scenery change made of playful and moving music"


Festival "fou d'archets" 2017, credit Jean Lefranc